Now I can't stop playing with nVidia Canvas. It's very neat and it exports files to psd which I can edit in Affinity Photo.

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大紅袍 da hong pao or big red robe – classic oolong from Fujian. 🫖

The local park nearby is known for its exotic trees. Here is the new guy planted recently. Does anyone know what it is?

It’s cheaper to buy four kiwi fruits wrapped in plastic than to buy them separately. 🙁

It’s so nice day that I decided to visit a nearby park instead of going to the gym.

I’ve never seen so many parakeets as today (I couldn’t zoom enough with my mobile to take pics). It’s something wrong about seeing green parrots flying around in wild.


Back in 2005 I was renting a house in Mullingar, Ireland. The landlady put several pictures on walls for decoration. She’s got them cheaply on a flee market. None of my flatmates had a clue either. 😁

I’m cooking beets. I love beets❣️
Why there is no beetroot emoji? 😞

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