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It´s been few years since Johnny Hollow had their last album released. Their website is currently down for a refurbishment – I hope it means a new album is coming soon.

Now I can't stop playing with nVidia Canvas. It's very neat and it exports files to psd which I can edit in Affinity Photo.

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Department for Transport – just a normal government website 🤣

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Staramy się zdrowo odżywiać, staramy się być aktywni fizycznie,
ale jakoś ze staraniem się o podstawy umysłowej higieny jest najgorzej—o ironio—w epoce informacji, która jest wszędzie.

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大紅袍 da hong pao or big red robe – classic oolong from Fujian. 🫖

I get more sick from sitting at home and doing nothing. Wheather is so nice that I tried to swipe leaves a bit in the garden. Bleh… I can’t even hold a broom.

However, I put some nuts and groats out and now waiting with my tripod to take pics of the squirrel and birds. I just hope it won’t attract some rats or whatever now.

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I've got a book in the library (it's on libgen too), "Burn" by Herman Pontzer.

I've read few good reviews of this book, so going to give it a go. The author (a biologist) compares Hadza people (hunter-gatherer lifestyle) with sedentary western societies and explains why they both have same daily calorie expenditure despite completely different life styles.

In short, it's about metabolic adaptation and why doing more exercises doesn't mean more energy burnt.

The local park nearby is known for its exotic trees. Here is the new guy planted recently. Does anyone know what it is?

It’s cheaper to buy four kiwi fruits wrapped in plastic than to buy them separately. 🙁

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